Noam Froiman – Manager & Owner

Noam fell in love with the sea as a child, and it has proven to be one of the enduring loves of his life. With a naval experience as a Navy officer, Yacht Club chief instructor, training future skippers and worldwide skipper of sail and motor-powered yachts of various sizes, both on charter and delivery duties, Noam has more than 30 years of seafaring experience under his belt. The decision to open a yacht management company grew from his love for the sea and a deep-felt conviction that he has an important and useful service to offer.

It is said that every yacht owner has two good days: the day he buys his yacht and the day he sells it… our goal is to make sure that is not the case and a yacht owner profit will double as a result of hiring HOMEPORT -- in terms of the enjoyment derived from his yacht as well as the cost-effective experience we can offer.

Ran Goldstein – Senior Project Manager  & Partner

Ran is a former Navy officer, Ship commander and Yacht instructor. He is an experienced Naval architect and yacht designer, who until recently worked at Tripp Design in the USA. Design engineer and project manager of custom yachts ranging from 40 to 170 feet.
Enclosed are links to some of the boats he took a leading part in their creation:

Ran is partner in the company since 2013 and is with much experience in all aspects of managing, cruising and building of boats. He is a nautical engineer, recognized under the Israeli Ministry of Transportation/Shipping Section.

Professional Team

In addition to us we have a professional team supporting HOMEPORT fleet activities, at shore and at sea. In Administration, operation and maintenance Tasks.

We therefore place our personal and professional integrity, our experience and professionalism at your service.